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| AI-Geopolitics

AI: the new soul of the States? A State with AI and a State without AI: which one wins a war? Military AI: automation decision of nuclear weapons by AI or by some humans? Military AI: warfighter aircrafts under the command of an AI or of a human? AI-Government: finally efficiency for the application of the taxes paid by the citizens? [ read more here ]



| AI, property rights and the direction of "Capitalism"

1. I understand that, from the chatGPT, the Right of Property can be radically changed and, consequently, what is usually named "Capitalism". 2. Observes: I am a human writer. After a synthesis in my head (whose stages of elaboration come to me from an unknown unconscious) suddenly appears words, ideas, questionings. I put everything on paper in an intelligible form, and I call it mine. It's my thought, I say, proud. But is it really mine? How many and how many philosophers and jurists I had to read to go absorbing a piece here, another there, make a connection there. I may have given birth to my text, but what I call my own and creation is just a re-arrangement of the already existing. 3. No one creates anything from nothing, by an issue of logic, of metaphysics and of epistemology. Beethoven, Mozart, DalĂ­, da Vinci, Homer, Shakespeare, Plato, Nietzsche... None of these genius created anything out of nothing - they just re-arranged what already exist. Observes here, dear observer: says the legend that, when questioned, Newton said that he only got where he got because he was on the shoulders of giants. Have you ever thought if you had to discover the "simple" Pythagorean theorem "from zero"? 4. The point is: the art and the knowledge are made of re-arrangements of possibilities (infinite?), being effect of a collective work of humans, who, when saw united, we call Humanity. 5. Now reflect on: who has more power to do re-arrangements in a geometric Cosmos? Humans or Machines? How ease is for a computer to cross possibilities, in relation/compared to a human being? [ read more here ]



| From BRICS to CIRIESUSEBA: what happens when 45% of World's population (with a GDP of 28 USD Trillions, and with Nuclear/Chemical/Biological/AI Weapons) try to get in a geopolitical harmony?

1. Iran (Persia), much more than be enemy of the USA in the last decades, was a source of the human civilization. The ancient Mesopotamia, place where today are Iran, Iraq and other countries of the region, was the territory in which, for example, was found the Hammurabi's Code, famous for establishing a reciprocal justice in the meaning of an eye for an eye, much before the Bible. In the history of the World, is a rule the revenge of the rest against the fallen Empires? 2. Egypt was also a source of the civilization in the ancient times. A lot of the Greek knowledge came from the Egypt, which one in the remote past, as well as in the recent past, already had conflict with the Persians. 3. These peoples of an Ancient history dated before Christ (BC), who constituted the first Empires in the World, according to what the present archaeology is able to detect...are these people able to be in an alliance after being in conflict? 4. Against a common third enemy, for sure that two enemies are able to be in an alliance. Also, the love of the future generations is a natural seed to the forgot of the ancient damages suffered in wars. 5. It is being widely reported that, in 2024, Iran and Egypt will be, together, new members of the BRICS's block (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). And also new members will be Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Argentina. [ read more here ]



| About the dream activity and initial questions for a new machine

02:55 a.m. I had a dream and woke up. Let's talk about dream, sensations, mind and brain. About one hour ago I wake up. The sensation was so real, as probably you already also had, because it is common the persons say: "I had a dream where things appears to be real". Let's observes this fact with a question. Do I need previously feel the reality to have a dream about this specific reality? Without experience of sense-presentation, can I have the supposed sensation for that situation. Let's go to examples. A person that do not had sex in reality can have an orgasm dreaming? I mean a person that never had sex before; this person can dream with a real orgasm? It is not the case of my dream. Let's proceed with one of the main pictures of my dream that probably have a direct connection with shame...[ read more here ]



| Human reset or end of humans?

If a country can not conquer and maintain an enemy territory, the best strategic choice is the destruction of this territory? Without a territory, is it possible for a State to exist? Without State, is it possible nationality or citizenship? Is it possible a State lives only in a cyber-space? Such as the humans, the States are also being virtualized? Everything that is material will be under attack of everything that is virtual? The body and the territory, the first to the human and the second to the State, constitutes the sources of the rules for human mind and the basic rules for the reason of the State? We talk about health, but our body are getting less and less movement in the daily life? Is it possible be the same, being purely mind, without a body, or with an adjusted body?...[ read more here ]



| Finally some truths?

What is cheaper: produce a "deepfake" or move a tank of war? How can you know, in a world of "deepfake", if the voice and the image of a person is real or fabricated? If in the past we do not accept that a mail written by hand in a paper was open by a third part, why in the present we accept that many companies can have access and can store our mails? If in the past we do not accept a microphone or spy camera in our home, why in the present we accept carry in our pocket two or more cameras and microphones in our "smart"-phones? Is the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) a kind of human bar code? Is it possible to be anonymous in the present World?...[ read more here ]



| Nuclear Bomb

And if the evacuation of Ukrainian cities has as reason the dropped of an atomic bomb as the high point of this global war? Russia will be more ethical than USA, in relation to the atomic power, if the citizens of the area where the bomb will be dropped were advised of the necessity of evacuation? If an atomic bomb is dropped on Ukraine, and not on an EU country or USA, the next step of OTAN will be the silence? An atomic bomb, as last resource of Russia, considering the economic sanctions of the Western, will be the next step?...[ read more here ]



| War & Peace

War and peace: the perpetual movement of life? Everything in life is made of opposition and dialectic: everything and nothing, day and night, masculine and feminine, left and right, war and peace, west and east? In the dialectical movement, our present is seeing the change of the Empire power from the West to the East: instead of USA-Europe the new geopolitics will be determined by the Russia-China?India: dominated by the USA? India x China, USA x Russia: USA-India x Russia-China? The war in Ukraine, or Minor Russia, with global impact: was what came next of the covid-19'pandemic such as the Second World War came after the Spanish flu? Ukraine: love and hate of Russia? Ukraine: between OTAN (USA-Europe) and Russia (Russia-China-North Korea)? Zelensky or Putin: the funny man or the serious man? The most important question: why and how happens of a minority, or of one single individual, takes the control of the majority?...[ read more here ]




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