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War and peace: the perpetual movement of life?

Everything in life is made of opposition and dialectic: everything and nothing, day and night, masculine and feminine, left and right, war and peace, west and east?

In the dialectical movement, our present is seeing the change of the Empire power from the West to the East: instead of USA-Europe the new geopolitics will be determined by the Russia-China?

India: dominated by the USA?

India x China, USA x Russia: USA-India x Russia-China?

The war in Ukraine, or Minor Russia, with global impact: was what came next of the covid-19'pandemic such as the Second World War came after the Spanish flu?

Ukraine: love and hate of Russia?

Ukraine: between OTAN (USA-Europe) and Russia (Russia-China-North Korea)?

Zelensky or Putin: the funny man or the serious man?

The most important question: why and how happens of a minority, or of one single individual, takes the control of the majority?

The government by some persons against the government by one single person: liberty against determinism?

The economic power is enough against the military power?

At what point is a war a matter of economy and at what point a war is bigger than economic issues?

Asymmetric war: even with a GDP and population more like with Brazil than with USA, is Russia a military superpower because atomic weapons?

Cyber-war, surveillance and mind-control; Biological-war and body-control; Atomic-war and immediate total disaster: all technologies that can accelerate the end of the human specie?

War: the dialectical way of the evolution?

There is a war among the predator and the prey, between the lion and the gazelle?

The natural food chain is a battle field?

Is war in our nature?

Did you already fight with someone?

Is peace in our nature?

Did you already have joy with someone?

War and peace: only ways of to be, in a determined space-time?

The difficulty times provides stronger humans by the necessity of the adaptation such as the difficult times for a pathogen provides stronger pathogens?

The easy times provides weaker humans by the not necessity of adaptation such as the easy times for a pathogen provides weaker pathogens?

The new development of a body, and of a being (broadly speaking), such as was the mind a development occurred after the human body development: this new development has more, or less, control of the total being in relation to the old parties?

The life: always a circle between war and peace?

The war: a game of the old generation using the new generation?

The peace: the hope on the uncertainty of the future?

If an atomic bomb was dropped by one of the sides of a war, what happens?

With our present technology and our spiritual human state of being: will us end a lot of life in the Earth planet, including our specie as we know now?

The death: part of the life?

The day after 02/02/2022: the begining of the change of the side, in the pendulum of human life, in relation to the power which commands the World?

26th and 27th February 2022



Rafael De Conti, philosopher and lawyer




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