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Nuclear Bomb

And if the evacuation of Ukrainian cities has as reason the dropped of an atomic bomb as the high point of this global war?

Russia will be more ethical than USA, in relation to the atomic power, if the citizens of the area where the bomb will be dropped were advised of the necessity of evacuation?

If an atomic bomb is dropped on Ukraine, and not on an EU country or USA, the next step of OTAN will be the silence?

An atomic bomb, as last resource of Russia, considering the economic sanctions of the Western, will be the next step?

Chernobyl, as an area for the study of radiation, can put Russia in a forward step?

If the territory of Ukraine become a radioactive territory, this will be a "natural" barrier for the Russian territory?

The globalization markets and the inter-dependence of States: will give place for new nationalisms?

One of the motives of USA when the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan was to stop faster the damages of World War II: is it possible that Russia uses the same motive?

02th March 2022



Rafael De Conti, philosopher and lawyer




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