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"Politics, Economy, Technology, Humanity"




De Conti, Rafael Augusto

World / Rafael Augusto De Conti
São Paulo, Brasil: © PEDIdeias ®, 1ª Ed., 2022

ISBN 978-65-00-66588-8 (Físico, 136 p.)
ISBN 978-65-00-66586-4 (E-Book)

1. Filosofar, 2.Filosofia.
I. Título. II. De Conti, Rafael Augusto

CDD 100, CDU 1


What will come next after humans, but from humans?

If we have the fusion of all sense-presentation and memories of all of us, and if we have the fusion of the views of all connections that we can see with our mind, can we say that there is a real single living individual called Humanity?

we have a single person with a fortune that is higher than 100 billions and higher than the production of 60 million of persons in a year!; we have a company that can produce 40 billions/year, what is more than the GDP of Paraguay, or of Lebanon, or of many other countries...and we have persons, humans beings, that at this moment are starving, without clothes, without home.





1. Evolution | Human reset or end of humans?


2. Humanity | Finally some truths?


3. Atomic World | Nuclear Bomb


4. World | War & Peace


5. Compare Countries


6. A picture of the World Economy (or From the GDP and population to the billionaires and the global taxation of Big Techs)


7. World Economy and the future of Humanity


8. A picture of us


9. About the dream activity and initial questions for a new machine



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Rafael De Conti, Rafael Augusto De Conti