Comments on the Constitutional Norms


Comments to the Article 150


(14) Governance in the Public Administration: Transparency on taxation


51. Consumers have the right to, and the State the duty of, inform the citizens about the tax burden which composes the final price of products and services, despite this can be done by persons which provide service or sell product. The enlightment on tax burden works such as a control which can be exercised by the people in the influence in the economical private sphere, providing the knowledgement, for the taxpayer, of the precise taxed amount, of their wealth, by the State. It is also important remind which it is not enough the information about the collected amounts and about its destinations, but, to a global understanding, more is necessary: it is needed know how much was really spent and with what the State spent money, being an example of this the development of budget in which the citizens has voice, and the wide publicity of the public accounts and expenditures.


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