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Sovereign, Worldwide Income Taxation, Tax Treaties agains Double Taxation, Brazil, European Union, Belgium, Internationalization of Companies, Profits, Dividends, Interest on own capital, Philosophy, Tax Law and Business


Rafael De Conti is a Brazilian Business Lawyer with over 10 years of experience in the juridical world on the fields of Finances, Corporate, Commercial Contracts, Tax and Litigation, advising foreign companies and investors in Brazil as well as Brazilian companies and investors operating internationally. Education: Bachelor of Law by the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Bachelor of Philosophy by the University of São Paulo, Master Degree on Ethics and Politics by the University of São Paulo, Author of books on Law, Business, Philosophy, Ethics, Politics and Self Knowlegde, including, among others: Course of Brazilian Tax Law: limitations on the power of Taxation in Brazil, Business Law in Brazil and Direito dos Negócios. See and acquirer the books of Rafael De Conti at | LinkedIn Profile


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